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Best Cat Tree Review 2019

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Best Cat Tree Review 2019 – Updated! Top 5 cat trees for your pets. Things to Consider When Buying a Cat Trees. Sisal-Covered Scratching Posts,Tunnel,Hammock and Condo,Cat Tower Furniture Palace for Kittens, Cats and Pets

Cats are territorial animals that love their space and comfort. Whether you own one or several cats, you may find yourself competing for that favorite spot on the couch; that is why we are here to show you how to choose the best cat trees.

As such, homeowners have taken to finding suitable cat furniture where cats can rest, play, glide, and scratch.

Pet trees also referred to as condos, towers, playgrounds or scratchers are the most attractive cat furniture as they provide cozy hiding spots and vantage points.

Most of them are carpeted and have one or more scratching points; while others come fitted with a litter box.

Things to Consider When Buying a Cat Tree

While a pet tree’s hardiness is the most important feature homeowners consider when buying a pet tree, other factors come into play:

Cat’s Personality

Your choice depends partly on the pet’s age, size, and activity level. Tall cat trees are ideal for young and playful cats as they provide plenty of space to climb, scratch and play.

Spry cats, on the other hand, require somewhat compact models of pet trees with large perching and climbing areas; however, the climbing areas should be within reach (not too high).

If your cat prefers enclosed areas, pick a cat tree designed in the form of a tunnel or a cat tree house. And if he likes cuddling in small objects, select cat furniture with round beds.


When buying a cat tree do you look for its sturdiness or its aesthetic appeal? Most homeowners tend to overlook the item’s durability in a bid to purchase a beautiful cat tree.

The best quality cat tree should be both beautiful and sturdy enough to avoid tipping over when the kitty climbs or jumps; if the cat tree tips over, your cat may never use it again.

Scratching areas

Cats prefer different scratching areas; some love scratching carpeted areas while others prefer sisal or wooded areas. Buy a cat tree with different scratching options if you don’t know what your cat likes.

Modular or assembled cat tree

A cat tree may be fully assembled or modular (requires assembly on arrival). A modular cat tree is easy to assemble, and homeowners can move it from one place to another.

However, the reviews show that consumers prefer assembled cat trees to modular cat trees as they are steadier than counterparts.

Though pricey, assembled cat trees are sturdy and are made of high-quality material. Additionally, they have solid wood frames and weigh more than modular cat trees.

Why You Should Buy a Cat Tree

If you are not yet convinced you need a cat tree, here are some benefits of owning one:

  • Creating a cat’s territory: large cats have little space within a home to play and move around and buying a tree for large cats establishes its territory.
  • Protecting timid cats: fearful cats tend to look for peaceful areas to play and relax. Thus, cat trees provide elevated areas where the cats can escape trouble and observe other cats play.
  • To ease tension between cats: cats being territorial animals, feel the need to be in control all the time; situations that may lead to ugly fights. Introducing cat trees allow the most powerful cat’ to mark its territory on the highest perch while the others claim positions on lower poles.

Best Cat Tree Review 2019 [Updated]

By now, homeowners have an idea of the best cat tree they require in their homes. In our discussion, we will look at the best cat tree brands depending on their functionality, a cat’s size as well as the tree’s additional built-in features:

#1. The Go Pet Club Cat Tree

The Go Pet Club Cat Tree presents a more conventional style of a pet tree. This modular cat tree is ideal for medium and large sized cats but in the case of two pets, they would have to share the tree house.

With a height of 52” and a 19-inch square base, the Go Pet Club Cat Tree occupies very minimal space without overlooking the play area.

The perches are made of compressed wood hence pretty light to allow mobility. The coverings are made of fake fur to provide a cozy resting area.

This is the best cat tree for large cats on the list.


  • Has five scratching areas.
  • Has a reasonable price.
  • Being a modular cat tree, it’s easy to put together.


#2. Molly and Friends “Simple Sleeper” Premium Handmade

The cat tree is ideal for bush dwelling cats that prefer making natural jumps. It has a 19” by 21” sturdy base perfect for climbing and lounging. Simple Sleeper’s cat tree is pretty small in size thus very portable and the right size for placement near a window.

A unique quality about this cat tree is the thick, high-quality handmade carpet on the perching areas and support poles. What’s more, the carpeting extends underneath the platforms to provide comfort and warmth to the cat.

And homeowners will have no trouble matching the cat tree with the rest of the décor as its neutral color blends into any décor.

#3. Armarkat A7202 72-Inch Cat Tree, Beige

The Armarkat A7202 72-Inch Cat Tree, Beige is ideal for homeowners living in medium spaces. The cat tree is made of faux fleece material and pressed wood and has a height of 57” making it perfect for tall, playful cats.

With three high perches and two houses, the Armarkat A7202 72-Inch Cat Tree has adequate space to accommodate multiple cats.

It also allows for plenty of scratching areas. Since the cat tree is pretty big, it may dominate most of your living room space.

This is the best cat tree for multiple cats.


  • It’s made from eco-friendly material.
  • It can accommodate several cats.
  • It’s easy to assemble.

#4. Deluxe 52” Cat Tree Tower

The structure has four different compartments thus ideal for homeowners living with several cats. And just like its name the cat tree’s height (52 inches) provides a tower for big cats.


  • Putting together is easy.
  • Allows adequate space and comfort.

#5. America Phoenix Cat Condo

The America Phoenix Cat Condo presents a rather simple model for a cat tree. It takes up minimal space in your living room but still providing adequate scratching space.

Homeowners living with kittens should consider buying the America Phoenix Cat Condo model before upgrading to something larger as it provides excellent training for them.

This is the best cat condo on the list.


  • Requires minimal space.
  • Ideal for training kittens.
  • It is compact.

Without a doubt, cats will always scratch a homeowner’s furniture regardless of its importance or price. The discussion should help any homeowner find the best cat tree when shopping around for a great resting place for his cat.



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