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Best Choice Products Deluxe 52-Inch Cat Tree Review

Best Choice Products, also known as Sky Billiards Inc. Is a brand located in the USA that has been able to guarantee? Best cat furniture, cat tree with Condo, Hammock, Perch, and Tunnel. Cat tree tower with ladder, best of the best for your pets. The satisfaction of customers by rolling out quality products at fair prices? The Deluxe 52” is one of their pet product that is one of the bestsellers on Amazon.

The Deluxe 52” Cat Tree Tower is a four-tier cat furniture that provides your cat the perfect place to have fun, exercise, relax and explore their natural behavior. It is a cat tree that has different varieties of relaxing locations your pet will enjoy and this may make him stay away from your clothing, drapes, and furniture.

Features of the Deluxe 52” Cat Tree Tower

Here are some of the features of the Deluxe 52” Cat Tree Tower.

Easy Assembly with Instructions

The Deluxe 52” Cat Tree is easy to assemble with an instruction manual to make it easier. The instruction manual is easy to understand and with the instructional diagrams, it will take you just a few minutes to complete the assembly. All the tools you will need for the assembly is included in the assembly kit.

Four Different Relaxing Locations

The Deluxe 52” Cat Tree Tower features four different relaxing locations for your pets; a condo, a hammock, a perch, and a tunnel hideout. This gives them a lot of options to have fun and relax as the variety of option will keep them less bored.

Faux fur material –

The exterior of the Deluxe 52” Cat Tree Tower is covered with a faux fur material which makes it look plush and attractive.

Scratching Post –

The Deluxe 52” Cat Tree Tower features two scratching posts that your cat will love. The scratching post is meant to be scratched and this will keep him away from scratching your furniture and clothing.

Benefits of the Deluxe 52” Cat Tree Tower

Very Affordable

The best part about the Deluxe 52” Cat Tree is that it is very affordable than most cat trees despite its quality which makes. it one of the most sought-after cat trees towers out there. With the Deluxe 52” Cat Tree Tower, you get a good cat tree for your pet without breaking the bank.

Reduces boredom

The cat tree increases activity by promoting exercise in your cat which reduces boredom. By scratching, jumping and climbing with the relaxation he also gets, your cat will never be bored.


The Deluxe 52” Cat Tree Tower is well spaced enough for your cat to provide the best level of comfort and relaxation when playing on it.

Made in the USA

The product is made in the USA and all standards are adhered to during the manufacturing process with the guarantee of a quality product.

Looks Great

The soft faux fur covering on the Deluxe 52” Cat Tree Tower makes it look attractive and elegant. The design is also compact and it does not take much space when assembled.

High Quality

Best Choice products maintain their reputation for the quality of products they roll out. The cat tree is made from the best material which ensures the quality is nothing but the best. The quality of the cat tree is great at an affordable price.

Safe to use

The Deluxe 52” Cat Tree Tower is safe to use. The cat tree is designed with your pet safety in mind as the material used is environmental-friendly materials that are harmless to you and your pet.


The Deluxe 52” Cat Tree Tower is covered with 60 days return back policy from the brand.


This might not be a good choice for you if you own a large or heavy cat as the cat tree is designed for a kitten and small to medium sized cats. The compartments are small and will not fit a large cat. The material is not that easy for cats to grip on too.


The Deluxe 52” Cat Tree Tower is one of the best kitty towers out there with a great quality at an affordable price. With the four tiers that provide a variety of compartment for your cat, your cat will never be bored. The scratching post will keep your cat out of your furniture and clothing and the quality is great and the finishing of soft faux fur makes it good looking. If you own a kitten or a small cat. this will be a great choice for you in terms of cat tower as you will get all you need in this product at a very cheap price.

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