Buying a BEST Cat Tree HOUSE

Cats are territorial animals that love their space and comfort. Whether you own one or several cats, you may find yourself competing for that favorite spot on the couch; that is why we are here to teach you how to choose the best cat trees.

As such, homeowners have taken to finding suitable cat furniture where cats can rest, play, glide, and scratch.

Pet trees also referred to as condos, towers, playgrounds or scratchers are the most attractive cat furniture as they provide cozy hiding spots and vantage points.

Most of them are carpeted and have one or more scratching points; while others come fitted with a litter box.

Things to Consider When Buying a Cat Tree

While a pet tree’s hardiness is the most important feature homeowners consider when buying a pet tree, other factors come into play:

A Cat’s Personality

The best cat tree depends on the pet’s age, size, and activity level. Tall cat trees are ideal for young and playful cats as they provide plenty of space to climb, scratch and play. Spry cats, on the other hand, require somewhat compact models of pet trees with large perching and climbing areas; however, the climbing areas should be within reach (not too high). If your cat prefers enclosed areas, pick a cat tree designed in the form of a tunnel or a cat tree house. And if he likes cuddling in small objects, select cat furniture with round beds.


When buying a cat tree do you look for its sturdiness or its aesthetic appeal? Most homeowners tend to overlook the item’s durability in a bid to purchase a beautiful cat tree. The best quality cat tree should be both beautiful and sturdy enough to avoid tipping over when the kitty climbs or jumps; if the cat tree tips over, your cat may never use it again.

Scratching areas

Cats prefer different scratching areas; some love scratching carpeted areas while others prefer sisal or wooded areas. Buy a cat tree with different scratching options if you don’t know what your cat likes.

Modular or assembled cat tree

A cat tree may be fully assembled or modular (requires assembly on arrival). A modular cat tree is easy to assemble, and homeowners can move it from one place to another. However, the best cat tree reviews show that consumers prefer assembled cat trees to modular cat trees as they are steadier than counterparts. Though pricey, assembled cat trees are sturdy and are made of high-quality material. Additionally, they have solid wood frames and weigh more than modular cat trees.

Why You Should Buy a Cat Tree

If you are not yet convinced you need a cat tree, here are some benefits of owning one:

  • · Creating a cat’s territory: large cats have little space within a home to play and move around and buying the best cat tree for large cats establishes its territory.
  • · Protecting timid cats: fearful cats tend to look for peaceful areas to play and relax. Thus, cat trees provide elevated areas where the cats can escape trouble and observe other cats play.
  • · To ease tension between cats: cats being territorial animals, feel the need to be in control all the time; situations that may lead to ugly fights. Introducing cat trees allow the most powerful cat’ to mark its territory on the highest perch while the others claim positions on lower poles.

Top 10 Cat Trees – Reviews

By now, homeowners have an idea of the best cat tree they require in their homes. In our discussion, we will look at the best cat tree brands depending on their functionality, a cat’s size as well as the tree’s additional built-in features:

#1. SONGMICS 59” Multi-Level Cat tree

Domestic cats are keen on climbing up a tree-like figure, as it keeps them entertained and amused while playing. SONGMIC has introduced a 59” multi-level cat tree with sisal-covered scratching posts, and it makes a perfect multi-level cat tree for your cats. The uniquely designed condominium makes a perfect gift for your cats and kittens, and they can play in it or around it. Cats are demanding animals, and they often ask for a house where they could play, jump around, and nap—and this house makes an exclusive luxury for them.

Top features:

The multi-level cat tree by SONGMICS comes with an exclusively designed all-in-one relaxing spot. The spacious condominium comes with five perches tailored using hammock material, one box-like house, ten scratching posts made of sisal rope, and a paw-mat for your cats. The use of plush hammock provides your cats with a luxurious and comfortable sleeping place. The multiple perches make an ideal spot for your cat to spend its leisure time.

The Pros:

  • The 59” multi-level cat tree is exclusively manufactured by CARB-certified natural particle boards, which makes an excellent pick for your cat.
  • The strength of the perches is supplemented by adding batten to the bottom, which adds stability to the cat tower.
  • The use of anti-toppling fittings to the cat tower adds enhanced security to the tower, so you can enjoy seeing your cats play without any hassle.

The Cons:

  • While the SONGMIC 59” has everything that it takes to keeps your cat entertained—the use of hammock material could be too warm for your cat if you live in a warm or tropical region.
  • The 59” cat tree is not suitable for kittens or growing cats.
  • The material incorporated into the cat condo is not 100% scratch-proof.

#2. Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture 62”

No matter how domesticated or trained your cat is—it always craves for an environment to help it keep in touch with its natural habitat. Grownup cats are prone to climbing objects; like trees and fences, and having cat tree furniture that resembles a lifelike tree can keep your cat entertained and active within the premises of your house.

The Pet Club 62” tall beige cat tree is an effective tool for providing your cat with a fun environment at your home. The cat tower comes with sisal rope scratching posts, which keeps your cat from scratching your leather sofa or faux fur mat. The cat tree also comes with several perches, ringlets, and baskets to provide your cat with a place to play and sleep.

Top features:

The uniquely assembled beige cat tree is crafted using durable compressed wood. It is further covered with a faux fur finish for keeping your cats cozy and warm. The unique features of the tower include a ladder, tunnel, hanging toys, baskets, and multiple perches. It also comes with multiple scratching posts that are made using sisal ropes, which makes an ideal tool for your cats to practice their scratch and claw on. The cat tower comes with a series of tools and instructions, which a cat owner can follow to complete the project.

The Pros:

  • The Pet Club 62” tall beige cat tree comes with all the fun elements and toys for training your cat.
  • The use of faux fur finish keeps your cat warm in a cold atmosphere.
  • The incorporation of a tunnel/ringlet improves your cat’s strength and playing abilities
  • The cat tower makes an excellent décor for your house.

The Cons:

  • The cat tower takes up plenty of space in your room.
  • A feral cat would not like to participate in climbing the cat tree due to its huge size.

#3. Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture 72”

Cats are often prone to scratching your furniture, and it is not a good sign for your leather or upholstered furniture. You should resort to buying a cat tree furniture for your cats, as it comes to your cat to leave your furniture alone.

The pet club cat tree of 72 inches comes with several features for providing your cat with its own sanctuary. The cat tower comes with two toy mice, three perches, and two condos, which makes a perfect house for 3-4 cats. It comes with adequate space for your cats to play and relax. It also comes with 10 sisal rope scratching posts to keep your cats distracted from scratching your expensive furniture.

Top features:

Everyone wants their cat to have the best, and the Go Pet Club 72” cat tower gives them with exactly what they want. The beige cat tree is immensely easy to assemble by following the given instructions. It also requires the cat owners to use the given tools for completing the cat tree.
The cat tree serves as a vertical territory to enable your cat to maneuver their personal space. It also provides them with a personalized home for napping and playing. The cat tower by Go Pet Club is ideal for newly adopted cats, as it provides them with a sense of security inside of the small hut for cats.

The Pros:

  • The extensive height of the cat tree allows your kitten to exercise and play freely.
  • It gives them a space to climb on and run around.
  • It also gives them protection from a cat that might intimidate them.
  • The fun tree tower for cats comes with two set of stairs, 10 scratching posts, and perches along with 2 hanging toys.

The Cons:

  • The height of the cat tree could not be suitable for kittens.
  • It would consume adequate space in a room.

#4. Go Pet Club 52″ Cat Tree Furniture

The cat tree furniture introduced by Go Pet features a height of 50 to 52 inches. It is ideal for making your cat feel safe in the tree house. It also provides it with a space to look across the room. The cat tree furniture comes with a soft fleece coat, which makes an excellent spot for your cat.

It also has multiple pedestals and perches, which allows your cats to do fun activities without going out. The incorporation of smaller sized pedestals and perches make it an excellent for your medium-sized cat to play and climb. The beige and off-white color of the cat tree suits décor with any style and color.

Top features:

Treat your pet with this incredibly designed Go Pet Club 52” cat tree condo. It comes with multiple steps and perches of various sizes covered by faux fur, which is perfect for your kitten to lounge in. the integration of the scratching poles provides your cat with a spot to scratch on. The scratching posts are covered with sisal rope, which feels comfortable to their paws.

The paw-shaped perch allows a medium-sized cat to practice scratching and clawing skills. The top bed can carry a medium-sized cat from any breed easily. The incorporation of a cradle tube is ideal for small-sized cats and kittens. The integration of hanging toys and climbing ramp adds an extraordinary touch to the cat tree.

The Pros:

  • The cat tree ranges between a height of 50 to 52 inches, which is a perfect height for a medium-sized cat.
  • The incorporation of perches, cradling pouch, and hut makes an excellent addition to the cat tree.
  • The beige/off-white color of the cat tree compliments any décor style and color.

The Cons:

  • The cat tree may not be the best option for large-sized and heavier cats.

#5. PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge

It is no surprise that cats, whether domesticated or feral, loves scratching on scratch-able surfaces. They will cling to any porous or permeable surface for scratching their claws on, as it is comforting for them. A cat owner should keep a scratcher at its home, so the cat could scratch its claw on it; instead of scratching and tearing leather sofas or upholstered furniture.

The PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge is an excellent investment for cat owners, who are training their cats from keeping their paws off the furniture. It serves as a scratcher and lounging place for your cat. It comes with a premium and organic catnip leaf, which keeps your cat relaxed and comfortable when lounging on the scratcher.

The use of non-toxic corn starch allows your cat to practice natural scratching, which leads to healthier claws. It also works as an excellent stress reliever for the female cats in heat.

Top Features:

The PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher comes with organic catnip leaf for keeping your cat relaxed on the scratching tool. It uses an innovative and curved design, which allows your cat to scratch and lounge on it without any hassle. The use of non-toxic corn starch glue and recycled cardboard allows your cat to develop natural scratch and have healthy claws. It also makes a suitable-size addition to your bedroom décor. The brown color of the scratcher lounger is compatible with any type and color of décor kept in your room.

The Pros:

  • The PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher comes with a uniquely shaped design. The use of a curved shape adds a stylish look to it.
  • The cats are drawn to the scratcher and it keeps them from scratching your carpet or furniture.
  • It makes an excellent playing and sleeping spot for your cat.

The Cons:

  • Your cats may find the curvaceous design of the scratcher intimidating, and they might steer clear from it.

#6. Best Choice Products 96” Cat Tree Scratcher Condo Palace Play Furniture—Beige

Having more than one or two cats is an absolute bliss—and it allows you to have more feline friends to play with. It requires you to buy cat food and cat litter in bulk, and it also requires you to invest in multiple toys and cat trees for your cats. This unique cat tree scratcher condo palace is everything that you want for your cats.

It comes with everything that is needed for keeping your cat entertained and active. It comes with an abundant number of perches, scratch poles, levels, hiding places, and cradling pouches, so your cats would not feel left out.
This huge cat tree scratcher is made using compressed wood, which is coated in soft faux fur that most cats love. It also comes with multiple scratching posts made of sisal rope, which gives your cat an intense clawing and scratching delight.

Top Features:

The massive sized cat tree play palace by Best Choice Products comes with everything to keep multiple cats entertained at a time. If you are apprehensive of taking your cats outside, you can invest in this unique cat tower, and it would keep them happy and active at your home.

It also facilitates their training, which is required for improving their muscles and bones for an active growth. The play palace comes with several scratching posts wrapped in sisal rope, which is ideal for your cat’s paws and claws. The use of multiple levels and perches allows your cat to maneuver the cat tree without any hassle. It is suitable for 5 to 6 medium-sized cats at a time.

The Pros:

  • The large-sized cat tree is perfect for keeping 5 to 6 cats entertained at a time, without purchasing an extra, medium-sized cat tree.

The Cons:

  • It may not fit well in a small-sized room, and it requires time for assembling its part into a proper cat tower.

#7. 73” Cat Tree Scratcher Play House Condo Furniture Bed Post Pet House

Finding a cat tree scratcher of the right height can always be a trouble for most cat owners, and they end with small-sized cat trees. Large-sized cats often require to jump around and climb on large-size cat towers, and if the height of the tower is not tall enough for them—then, it could be a waste of money. This 73” cat tree scratcher playhouse comes with the essentials, required for keeping your cat amused and active. The incorporation of the scratcher is ideal for keeping your cat’s paws strong and structured, and it also relaxes its muscles.

The navy blue colored cat tower comes with multiple levels and perches for your cats. The use of faux fur for making this cat tower is an absolute delight for your cat’s paws.

Top Features:

Every cat owner wants a cat tower of adequate size for its cats. The cat tower ranges between heights of 70 to 73 inches, which is suitable for medium to large sized felines. The addition of the levels and perches allows your cat to jump around the cat tree without any trouble. The faux fur material makes a relaxing spot for your cat to lounge on, and it also keeps them warm in cold weather.

This cat tower condo is easy to assemble, and its universal navy blue color complements the color of your home décor. The cat tree provides your cats with a spot to exercise, explore, have fun, and to nap. The use of sisal rope scratching posts does not provide your cats with something to scratch on but, it also adds stability to the cat tree.

The Pros:

  • The large size of the cat condo is ideal for medium to large sized cats.
  • The universal navy blue color flatters your home décor style and color effortlessly.

The Cons:

  • It may not be a suitable pick for small-sized cats and kittens.

#8. FurHaven Pet Cat Furniture

When you adopt a cat, you become responsible for providing it with the best type of foods and toys. If you are unable to give your cat proper time, you should consider investing in pet cat furniture or pet tower for keeping your cats active. Cats find the idea of climbing a tree-like structure intriguing, and it also keeps their muscles and bones strong.

The FurHaven Pet Cat Furniture makes an excellent surprise for your beloved cats. The welcoming features of this uniquely designed cat tower come with exciting features for keeping your cat amused. This cat tower features a comfortable and cozy cat house for your cats, where they can take naps without anyone interrupting them.

Top Features:

The FurHaven Pet Cat Furniture makes an adorable surprise for your cats, where they can spend most of their time for playing and sleeping. The top perch of the cat tower comes with an open half-cup bed, which makes a comfortable spot for your cats. The addition of natural sisal posts and hanging rope toys prove useful for training your cats. Also, the incorporation of the flexible spring wand makes an interactive toy for your cat.

The cat furniture is easy to assemble—you are simply required to follow the instructions for completing its construction then, your cats are good to jump on it. The charcoal-gray color of the tower adds a unique look to the tower and its neutral color suits well with any color or décor type in your room. Its soft plush exterior and multiple uses make it perfect playing area and a sleeping spot for your cat.

The Pros:

  • The FurHaven Pet Cat Furniture comes with a unique open-half cup bed, which most cats find really comforting and relaxing.
  • The unique shape and design of this cat tower add variation to your room décor.

The Cons:

  • It is only suitable for one, large-sized cat.

#9. The Go Pet Club Cat Tree

The Go Pet Club Cat Tree presents a more conventional style of a pet tree. This modular cat tree is ideal for medium and large sized cats but in the case of two pets, they would have to share the tree house. With a height of 52” and a 19-inch square base, the Go Pet Club Cat Tree occupies very minimal space without overlooking the play area. The perches are made of compressed wood hence pretty light to allow mobility. The coverings are made of fake fur to provide a cozy resting area.


  • · Has five scratching areas.
  • · Has a reasonable price.
  • · Being a modular cat tree, it’s easy to put together.

#10. Molly and Friends “Simple Sleeper” Premium Handmade

The cat tree is ideal for bush dwelling cats that prefer making natural jumps. It has a 19” by 21” sturdy base perfect for climbing and lounging. Simple Sleeper’s cat tree is pretty small in size thus very portable and the right size for placement near a window.

A unique quality about this cat tree is the thick, high-quality handmade carpet on the perching areas and support poles. What’s more, the carpeting extends underneath the platforms to provide comfort and warmth to the cat. And homeowners will have no trouble matching the cat tree with the rest of the décor as its neutral color blends into any décor.

#11. Armarkat A7202 72-Inch Cat Tree, Beige

The Armarkat A7202 72-Inch Cat Tree, Beige is ideal for homeowners living in medium spaces. The cat tree is made of faux fleece material and pressed wood and has a height of 57” making it perfect for tall, playful cats. With three high perches and two houses, the Armarkat A7202 72-Inch Cat Tree has adequate space to accommodate multiple cats. It also allows for plenty of scratching areas. Since the cat tree is pretty big, it may dominate most of your living room space.


  • · It’s made from eco-friendly material.
  • · It can accommodate several cats.
  • · It’s easy to assemble.

#12. Deluxe 52” Cat Tree Tower

The structure has four different compartments thus ideal for homeowners living with several cats. And just like its name the cat tree’s height (52 inches) provides a tower for big cats.


  • · Putting together is easy.
  • · Allows for adequate space and comfort.

#13. America Phoenix Cat Condo

The America Phoenix Cat Condo presents a rather simple model for a cat tree. It takes up minimal space in your living room but still providing adequate scratching space. Homeowners living with kittens should consider buying the America Phoenix Cat Condo model before upgrading to something larger as it provides excellent training for them.


  • · Requires minimal space.
  • · Ideal for training kittens.
  • · It is compact.

Without a doubt, cats will always scratch a homeowner’s furniture regardless of its importance or price. The discussion should help any homeowner find the best cat tree 2016 when shopping around for a great resting place for his cat. The vast array of designs and sizes allows him to narrow down his choices and choose the best cat tree that suits his needs and that of the cats.


Cats often tend to feel lonely if they don’t have a place to jump around or climb on, and it could weaken their limbs over the course of time. It requires the cat owners to invest in cat towers or cat trees, where the cats can establish their dominance and jump around the perches and levels for strengthening their limbs. Finding a right type of cat condominium at a right price could be challenging. It requires the cat owner to find a cat tower that comes with the essential features for keeping the cat active. Also, it requires a cat owner to make sure that the size and dimensions of a cat tower are suitable for its cat size.


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