Best cell phone deals now

Looking to buy a new cell phone? Here’s where to find the best cell phone deals now!

With the number of cellphone users expected to hit and exceed the 5 billon mark worldwide in 2019, statistically speaking, you could comfortably say, cellphones are a necessity for people.

When it comes to purchasing cellphones, different people have different needs. Some of us, usually the older lot as well as those who identify as minimalists, like to keep things simple. Others like to cram as many apps and features in their gadget as possible and might have more advanced requirements.

As buyers however, regardless of what cell phone specifics we may opt for, one thing we all have in common is that we look for value. We all want to get our money’s worth and if possible a little more for our dollar. People today are always on the lookout for the best cellphone deals.

Buying a new Cell Phone

We’re going to go over a few splendid deals for those interested in buying a new cellphone. The phones we cover will come with different specifications in an attempt to address different requirement sets and brand categories.

Apple – iPhone

For those who swear by Apple, a 20% discount would be a sweet deal. If you think that is something, what we have here is an iPhone 6-plus at a sweet 44% discount. This fully functional and unlocked device would otherwise cost you around the figure of upwards of USD 700 however we’re talking under USD 450 here!

Google – Google Pixel

If you’re less inclined to using Apple products and feel more comfortable with other operating systems, Google is a pretty reliable player in the phone market. For those looking to buy a google phone we’ve got two great deals on the radar.

As we said earlier, there are those who like to keep things simpler. For such folk, you’ve got the Google Pixel, an easy to use OS with a 5 inch screen making it an extremely manageable size.

For those looking to up the tech ante a little there’s the Google Pixel XL offering a larger display, 4 GB Ram and additional features. The kicker however is that the Pixel XL is available at a discount of 45%! The Pixel 5 Inch on the other hand is available at a discount of 33 %. In any case, both deals are a steal!

LG – G6

Last but not least for those who like staying loyal to older android companies, you have two smashing deals on LG, G6 128 and 32 GB models. Both sets are unlocked, offer a full range of features and are available at discounts of over 30%. We’re talking discounts in an excess of USD 200 here.

best cell phone deals

Other Available Models

If you couldn’t find the phone you were looking for here, this isn’t all we have in stock. These were some of the sweetest deals currently available. That being said you can find phones by other manufacturers including Samsung and HTC in our listings, also available at great discounts! If you want to avail the discounts mentioned above or more of the best cellphone deals now, just wind back to our listings and knock yourself out!



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