Finding Best credit card deals

Everything You Need to Know about Building Ideal Credit Scores & finding Best credit card deals

A credit score refers to the numerical summary of an individual’s credit risk. It is basically an overall compilation of information that is provided by the major credit card companies. These companies include:

You might wonder why these numbers are considered to be so important. Well it is because these numbers help the lenders determine if they should provide credit to a customer or not.

Credit Score Categories


Best credit card deals


When it comes to credit score, the most common number used is FICO score. People with the highest FICO score have the best credit scores. The categories of credit scores include:

  • Excellent- This is for people who have a credit score of at least 750
  • Good- People come under this category when they have credit score between 700 and 749
  • Fair-People come under this category when they have a credit score between 650 and 699
  • Poor-You fall in this category when your credit score is between 600 and 649
  • Bad- People who have a credit score below 600 fall in this category

How Do You Build Your Credit Score?

Have you just recently decided to use a credit card? Initially you will struggle to find a credit card which offers a good interest rate.

Credit card companies retain cards with reasonable rates for people who have a history of paying their dues on time and have a decent credit score.

Make sure that you only apply for credit only when you need it or when you have decided to build a credit history. Some of the ways in which your credit score might be affected include:

  • Foreclosures
  • Judgments
  • Bankruptcy
  • Late payments

What Should You Do In Case You Have Been Rejected For Credit?

Have you been turned down for credit because you had no credit history to start with? You can counter this issue by using a safe security card to build your own credit history.

What this means is that you will have to place some money in the form of deposit. This money serves as collateral for all the purchases you make.

The details of the transactions are forwarded to the credit companies. They keep an eye on your credit history and if your record is good, your credit score will eventually increase.


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