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Cat Nail Clippers

What are Cat Nail Clippers?

There are many favorite moments that you no doubt enjoy with your cat, especially when your kitty snuggles close to you after a hard day’s work. It makes life worth living. However, one thing that is sure is that many cat parents do not enjoy clipping their cat’s nails.

Safe and Easy to Use Professional Stainless Steel Pet Cat Nail/Claw Clippers. Designed for medium to small dogs, kitten, cats, rabbits, puppy, birds pigs.

However, to ward off infections for your cat, protect your sofas and keep the kids safe from nasty scratches from the kitty, clipping your cat’s nails is one chore that should be on the top of your priorities.

What Not to Do When Clipping The Nails Of Your Cat

Do not cut to the quick. The quick is the slightly pink part of the nail, the place where all the nerves and blood vessels are situated. Just as it is uncomfortable for you to cut your nails too much, so is it with your cat. The only part that you can safely clip is the white part of your cat’s nail. Try to clip in steps so that you do not cut off to close to the quick.

Grooming your cat’s nails needs concentration and focus. If done hurriedly, it can be painful and cause a lot of discomforts. Schedule to groom your cat’s nails when you are not in a rush.

How To Go About Cutting Your Cats Nails

Clipping off your cat’s nails can be tricky especially if your cat is not used to it. Your cat may be a bit anxious about it. Going about it in a calm and collected way will help your cat have an easy time and stay tranquil during the process.

  • Hold: How you hold your cat during the nail grooming will be helpful to both you and the cat. The scruff is in the best position to hold your cat. The scruff is a portion of fur on the cat’s neck which the mother cat herself uses to hold and carry her kittens. Your grip should not be too firm, just relaxed.
  • Let your cat sit on your lap. Take your kitty’s paw and gently and calmly extend its claws. If it retreats its paw do not hold it in place by force, this will only add to its anxiety. However, kitty remains calm, proceed and clip the nail.
  • If you are having difficulties cutting your kitty’s nails, move one paw at a time. You do not want your kitty to be resentful of the exercise as the resentment may turn into hostility.
  • Your kitty’s favorite treats can be helpful at this time to keep your cat calm and reward for good behavior.
  • If your cat’s nails splinter or break you can smooth it away with a file.

How To Choose The Best Nail Clippers For Your Kitty

If your cat has nails that are short and thick, you will require a different type of clipper other than if your cat has thin, long nails. So the determining factor in choosing your cat’s clippers will be determined by your cat’s unique needs. The bottom line is, you want nail clippers that will give your cats nails an even and clean-cut, not something that will break and splinter them.

Here are the best five clippers on the market today.

Safari Professional Stainless-steel Trimmer

The Safari Professional Stainless-steel Trimmer is the crème de la crème of cat nail clippers. Apart from using it on your cat, you can use it on your dog too.

Pros of the Safari Professional Stainless-steel Trimmer

  • Arched stainless-steel edges for easy visibility, upkeep, and durability
  • Rubber coated handles that are ergonomically designed for safe use and grip.
  • Robust for simple and detailed cutting
  • Secure locking blades to avoid cutting to the quick Sharp,
  • Inexpensive, therefore great value for your money.


  • Ideal for only medium and small sized dogs
  • Very Sharp blades, should be handled with care kept out of the reach of children.
  • Unlike some of the other nail clippers in the market, the Safari Professional trimmers have no product guarantee or money back warranty in case of complaints.

Resco Original Deluxe nail clipper

Resco Original Deluxe has been a faithful companion to American cat lovers since the 1930s. It’s fantastic for clipping short or medium-sized nails. The ergonomic design helps you have a firm grip, and the sharp blades cut off the nails of your cat without splintering.


  • If the blades grow dull and do not cut as well, you can opt to replace the blades instead of buying another nail clipper.
  • Parts are made of steel and therefore cannot rust.
  • Lifetime warranty that has conditions.
  • They are designed in 3 sizes: large, regular and small.

Epica Pet Nail Clipper

You have experienced it. Those times that you cat goes amok and just enjoys ripping your couches for no apparent reason. Epica Pet Nail Clipper will take care of your cat’s nails helping you put a stop to your cat’s destructive behavior. Your grooming time with your kitty will no doubt turn into an excellent bonding experience with this clipper made from high-quality stainless steel for durable sharpness.


  • The Clipper locks closed for protection and to minimize accidents. This feature ensures that it can keep safely without cutting other things that would share storage space with them.
  • They come with a lifetime guarantee.
  • Manufactured with premium grade stainless steel, these sturdy clippers will not twist, scratch or rust, and the blades will stay sharp through numerous sessions on hard cat nails.
  • The sharp blades will give you a clean cut leaving no rough edges that would require a file to smooth.
  • Using extra force is unnecessary as the handles are designed to fit your fingers with additional anti-slip rubber. You can hold them relaxed, knowing that they will not slip and hurt either you or your pet.


  • Suitable for mainly medium or large sized cats.

Boshell Cat Nail Clipper

The Boshell is a professional nail clipper that is highly recommended by vets, professional groomers as well as animal trainers. You are probably tired of visiting a professional groomer all the time. The Boshell nail clipper will cut your cat’s nails at home just as if it was done by a professional


  • The handles are ergonometric handles that have been designed to accentuate your user experience making it a pleasant and comfortable. The bolshie will remain in your hands as you use it, no risk of slipping or sliding from your hands minimizing the chances of nicks or cuts.
  • The Boshiecat grooming clippers are securely furnished using a safety stop blade that significantly diminishes the danger of clipping nails too short and hurting your cat by cutting into the quick.
  • Free small nail file incorporated to file the nails after clipping your cat’s nails. , it is located securely in the left-hand handle of the clipper

Koodella Dog Nail Clippers

The Koodella Nail Clippers will not disappoint you. As a cat owner, you understand the importance of keeping your cat’s nails trimmed. It will stop long curved nails that dig into you cats sensitive toe pads which can be extremely uncomfortable. It will also prevent ingrown nails.

Most cat nail clippers have no quick guard, a feature that can help you not overcut the nails of your cat.


  • The Koodella nail clipper has this inbuilt feature to ensure the safety of your cat as you groom its nails.
  • Koodella nail clippers will save you a significant amount of time and money usually spend every time you visit a professional pet groomer to clip your cat’s nails. These nail clippers are built to last a long time saving you thousands of dollars in grooming fees by doing a professional nail cutting right at home.
  • You know that sharp objects should be kept away from children. The Koodella nail clippers have a safety lock located on the handle. This feature guarantees you safety for your kitty as well as your little ones. Just slide up the lock knob and the scissors will be locked in place.
  • There is a 60 days money back guarantee if you do not like this pair of clippers. Any broken nail clippers will be replaced with a guard of one year purchase.
  • They can be used for both dogs and cats


  • Only suitable for large cats
  • Rather bulky


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