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Military Laptop From TerraLogic: Toughnote D-13 and Toughnote D-15 for Military Laptop

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TerraLogic have supplying UK based surveying and monitoring applications before shifted to supplying military computing equipment since 2000. They supplied stringent requirement of the military, aid agencies, utilities, emergency services and the defense, industrial and marine applications and also construction industrial worldwide.

In previous post, I already review Toughnote D-13 series which is having 13.1-inch LCD screen display. For the Toughnote D-15, all spec offers to customers is almost same except in certain upgrade parts.

Toughnote D-15 fully military laptop available with green military colors featuring Intel Duo-Core processor technology. The 15-inch daylight readable TFT have option to whether to choose Standard DVI connector use with any manufacturer’s DVI monitors or Proprietary DVI connectors special for Terralogic DVI monitor only. Standard resistive touch-screen allow user operate with finger, gloved or stylus.

Terralogic altered D-15 connectivity compare with D-13 by adding extra one FireWire but they only places two USB ports. All other ports still the same as its predecessor unless they add new option to customizable waterproof, super-rugged military grade I/O connection. So now, Toughnote Series D-15 more flexible.

For your information, D-15 also features a second drive bay for more expansion and customization possibilities. Terralogic care with customer satisfaction and they provide more flexibility to choose the specification according working conditions without compromise ruggedness and robustness and suitable for military laptop purposes.

Terralogic has unveiled their latest military laptop in 13-inch LCD grade series. Toughnote Series D-13 were engineered to perform in the most extreme of environmental conditions without fail. Swappable batteries enable working operation up to 8 hours continuously.

Body chassis made from magnesium alloy AZ91D tend to run a couple pounds heavier than normal laptops with weight up to 9.5 lb (including DVD-ROM drive and primary battery). But of course you will get better protection with extra weight.


Toughnote D-13 features new Intel Core 2 Duo 1.66 GHz processor supports by up to 4 GB DDR-II RAM promise high performance level in the rugged computing field. The 320 GB shock mounted, waterproof 2.5″ hard drive which is removable make it easy to swapping data or upgrading to a higher capacity hard drive.

Terralogic offer laptop buyer options to choose super rugged solid state drive to increase security of stored important data. The sealed Flexi-bay which can hold either a secondary battery, DVD-RM drive or floppy disk drive prevent from water or dust ingress into the machine core maintaining the motherboard integrity.

13.3-inch daylight readable TFT with resolution up to 1024 X 768 pixels optional resistive touchscreen enable user control workspace using finger, gloved or even stylus.

89 key Windows waterproof keyboard ensure no limitation in every working environment. D-13 also have features an optional anti-dust membrane and back-lit keyboard. Integral waterproof resistive touchpad mouse add more ruggedness for this laptop.

Operating system installed Windows XP Pro and laptop buyers can whether to choose Windows 2000 Pro, Windows 7 Pro or Linux depend on required applications.


Meet military standard to withstand vibration shock, dust and rain or water but still need provide appropriate protection while operating in harsh environment. MIL-STD 810F for general military standard laptop have and IP54 for protect internal system from water intrusion. Add-on, Terralogic offered upgrade for military and EMI sensitive applications with MIL-STD 461E.

The keyboard designed only can take rainfall from top with mild wind blowing to maintain water resistant. Users are advise not to immerse or spray water upside-down system cause may do permanent damage to electronic circuit.

There are few connectors such as D-sub connector caps are sealed internally to protect from dust and shock vibration. Others I/O ports and device on right or left must keep tightly closed or cable inlets sealed while exposed to water or dust.

Terralogic offered optional gaskets for DB-9 and DB-25 connectors to improve rain, dust, and moisture resistance on common type cable. The DC jack and cables are sealed and able operate with water splashing on.

Heater for hard drive enable this military laptop operates in climate temperature. Operating temperature range -20 to 50 degree Celsius (32 – 1220F) and storage temperature range -40 to 70 degree Celsius (-40 – 1580F). D-13 also can working in humidity up to 95%. Terralogic also engineered this laptop to operate for different altitude up to 4572 meters (15 000 feet).


Terralogic Toughnote D-13 offered higher level of market leading performance in the rugged computing field. Features to meet military laptop standard make this D-13 series laptop stand in their own benchmark.


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