Mota Pet Feeder for dogs and cats

Mota Perfect Dinner Pet Feeder is an automatic Dog and Cat food Dispenser with portion control feature and feeding bowl.

Mota Pet Feeder for dogs and cats with programmable Portion Control, enough space to stretch. Make your cats, dogs happy and satisfied with this perfect value food feeder.

Product description

The MOTA Perfect Dinner Automatic Pet Feeder is a good companion for your pet. It was recommended by Veterinarians globally as a good option for the prevention of pet diabetes, obesity, and even monotony. The automatic pet food feeder is exclusively designed to serve any amount of food you program for your dog or pet.

It was exclusively designed to prevent your pet from gaining unauthorized access into the food hopper.

The mota perfect Dinner Automatic pet feeder comes with technology that helps it make efficient use of its energy to make 3 D-size batteries have a lifetime of 6 months. It comes with a big LCD monitor that showcases the time, the meal times that are programmed, meal sizes and the type of meal that is served.

Features of Mota perfect pet feeder

  • The machine is very easy to set up. Depending on what you programmed, your dog can get trained to know the time for their meals through the use of the voice feature.
  • The automatic pet feeder’s portion control feature helps you to minimize your pet’s risk to becoming obese, overeating and diabetes It comes with programmable feeding portion control sizes.
  • It made up of stylish and compact design. The MOTA Pet Feeder is suitably sized and will save you time and space.
  • It is exclusively designed to provide an unauthorized pet access.
  • It comes with removable feeding bowl which makes cleaning job easy.
  • The transparent food container helps you to instantly view food levels.
  • It comes with a hopper top cover to make it easy for you to easily refill the feeder.
  • It also features a large LCD and microphone that makes the programming and set up easy.
  • It makes use of 3 D size batteries that last for up to 6 months for low maintenance.
  • It comes with the option to either make use of the AC adapter plug or battery. However, these two are not included in the pack and must be purchased separately.

Pros of Meta Perfect Dinner Pet Feeder

  • It comes with a very secure lid to ensure food safety.
  • The programming is easy to do.
  • The feed container and the feeding bow are securely held together and thus this limits the possibility of the tip-off.
  • It can be programmed to dole out 6 meals every day.
  • It has a large hopper capacity of 7 lbs.
  • The LCD display is very large.
  • It makes customizable portion sizes possible.
  • The feeding bow is easily detachable and this makes cleaning easy.
  • The feeder is very strong and well built.
  • The feeding bowl is large enough to allow two cats feed concurrently.
  • You can check through the portion counter whether your cat was fed or not.

Cons of Meta Perfect Dinner Pet Feeder

  • It does not come with either batteries or an AC Adapter.
  • Minimum portion of one-third cup of food portion may be excess for small kibble except you feed your cat once every day.
  • The manual does not come with proper and detailed instructions.
  • It makes large beeping noise during programming and this noise cannot be stopped.
  • A few clever cats can find their way and be able to get additional kibble from the chute.
  • The LCD display tends to fade but this depends on your angle of viewing.
  • It doesn’t have the option for manual feeding through the push of a button.


This pet feeder can be programmed to dispense food portions that vary from one-third of a cup to six cups. It comes with a voice call feature allows you the chance to record your voice for the cat to be used to call it for meal time whether you are around or not.

It helps you to boost your pet’s health through the portion control feature. It comes with transparent feed container that helps you to know easily when your pet food is running out and needed to be refilled. It can contain about 7 lbs of food.

The MOTA Perfect Dinner Pet Feeder can help you feed your cat and dog till you return back home. It comes with the 1-year limited warranty.


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