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Tips For The First Plane Trip | Plan Your Trip With Detailed Infographics

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Tips For The First Plane Trip


We have put together a real manual for those who have never traveled by plane and it is full of doubts. Here are some of the tips for those who will make the first plane trip.

The first tip is… you will travel to one of the safest modes of transportation in the world. Do not despair, you will surely enjoy traveling by plane.

Well, let’s get down to business! The tips are organized roughly in the order of a trip.


Where to buy air tickets?

You can buy it directly from the airline’s website, you can also buy it from online travel agencies or physical stores.


Where can I find cheaper air tickets?

Follow the Best Destinations, which will give you tips on where to get the best prices.


What documents do I need to travel?

If you are an adult, you will need an ID card. At the time of purchase, you are informed of other accepted documents. For international flights, you may need a passport and a visa, if applicable. If you want to know more about visa, Vietnam Visa will surely help you to know more about it.


What is the difference in scale for connection?

When you buy your air ticket you will surely have several flight options, some direct, some with call and some with the connection.

Direct flight means the plane takes off in the city of origin and only stops in the city of destination.

In the case of a stopover flight, it means that you will be on the same plane from the city of origin to the destination city, but the plane will stop in one or more cities along the way.

Connected flight means you will need to change planes at least once.


No ticket?

Those who are used to traveling by bus will be surprised that there is no ticket, but a reservation, with a locator code. If you wish, you can print this reservation with the number, but it is not necessary: ​​with your identity or passport your board!

Arriving at the airport you will look for the airline desk you are traveling to and enter the check-in queue for your flight. Check-in is nothing more than confirmation that you are there and will make the trip. It can also be done over the internet or at airport totem poles.


How long before I need to arrive at the airport?

If your flight is national, you need to check-in at least one hour before. If you are going to another country, the deadline is longer: arrive at least two hours before departure time! It is recommended not to leave for the last minute and avoid unnecessary stress!



What about luggage?

At the time of check-in, in addition to confirming that you will make the trip, you will check your luggage, that is, deliver the larger bags that will be carried in the hold of the plane. You are entitled to carry a suitcase, backpack or handbag with you in the airplane cabin. Learn all about luggage in this post.


How many bags can I carry?

In hand you can carry up to 5kg and as long as length + width + height does not exceed 115cm.

You can check up to two bags weighing a maximum of 21kg (32kg on international flights). If you get over it, get ready to pay a not-so-cheap amount. See all about luggage in this special post.


What is a boarding pass?

Upon check-in, the airline employee will hand you your boarding pass. Yes, it has a “ticket” face, with some important information: the number and time of your flight, the gate where you should board and the time of takeoff. Make sure your name and document number are correct.


How do I know when to board?

At check-in, they will inform you. Also, at airports, there are always televisions showing flights with some information such as time of boarding and which gate to board. Go to the departure lounge, go through the x-ray and head to your flight gate to wait for the time to board. If the flight is international, you can take a look at the free shop, but it’s best to leave your shopping back!


How do I know where the plane I’m going on?

On your boarding pass is written which gate will be. When you are called to board just locate where this boarding gate is. There are always many signs informing.


It’s time to board!

Finally, it’s time to get on the plane. Just before boarding begins, employees will explain how it will be done – often depending on the ranks, with the bottom boarding earlier. Before boarding, the employee will check your boarding pass and your document. On the plane, identify your seat: the number means the row and the letter the position of the seat. Store your luggage in the armchair compartment and settle back.


Let’s fly!



Now just relax and enjoy the flight! The Commissioner will pass the security information, which can also be displayed on the video. Then the plane departs for takeoff, which is the tensest moment for those who have never flown. After the plane goes up, everything is quiet. It doesn’t even look like we’re flying! But there’s some annoying chatter, called turbulence. They can shake the aircraft, but rest assured: planes are designed to pass them smoothly. Keep your belt buckled as soon as it goes!


And when the plane arrives at the destination, what do I do?

No secret, just follow the people! You will be directed to where you will pick up your bags. It is usually a treadmill that goes with the bags. Just take yours, check the name on the label (there are same bags!) And leave. If this is your destination, the trip is over!


How do connections work?

When you are traveling with a connection you will need to change planes but the luggage you have checked will be transferred “automatically” between the planes. You need not worry about her. When the plane arrives in the city where you will make the connection, the <a href=”https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flight_attendant/”>flight attendants</a> will advise you to disembark. When they get off the plane, they will have signs or staff directing what the passengers in transit should do to such a city. If the connection is time-consuming, you can even leave the airport and take a walk around the city. By tracking on displays around the airport you will know where and when to board.







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