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Fun Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your GoPro

Ever since GoPro hit the market, it has become a must-have gadget for people of all ages. While the standard uses of the ingenious product usually include photography in high-risk activities and sports—such as snorkeling, bike racing and bungee jumping—there are tons of other creative uses of your GoPro.

You don’t need to be an adrenaline junkie or risk your limbs to get unique footage. A versatile tool such as this one can be used for an array of different photo and video needs. Here are some of the unique ways in which you can use a GoPro for a fun and interesting experience.

Mounting Options

GoPros are popular for their small size, durability and flexibility of being mounted on a host of different surfaces. While most people usually mount them on their chests, helmets and surfboards, here are some alternate surfaces you can mount them on, for jaw-dropping footage:

  • Place the GoPro on a really long pole to get drone-like images.
  • Position your GoPro on a suction cup placed outside of your car.
  • Mount your GoPro on a tree branch for stunning time-lapse videos.
  • Purchase an adhesive mount that can support the camera and place it on the handlebars of a bike while you take it out for a ride on a scenic route.

Use Them On Pets

Have you ever wondered how your dog sees the world? We know we have! Why not find out what your dog does in a day, where it roams or how it reacts to the things around it?

Attaching your camera on the harness or collar can give you a unique insight in to the world from your beloved pet’s perspective.


Time-lapse isn’t only for capturing beautiful sunsets and sunrises. This unique feature in your GoPro can be timed to take pictures at regular intervals during activities ranging from mild to extreme—bike riding, river rafting. etc. Make sure you are using a high-capacity memory card as time-lapses tend to use a lot of memory.

Constant experimentation is the key to getting the most out of your GoPro. Haven’t got one? You’re missing out on the action.

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