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The guest hereby certifies by his/her signature at the end of this agreement that he/she has received and read a copy of this Guest Rental Agreement and that the Guest agrees, as witnessed by signatures below, that he/she (and all those in Guest’s party) will abide by all rules and regulations contained herein related to the rental property. Payment of any rents/fees and/or occupancy of the rental property also implies Guest’s acceptance of all terms contained herein. Failure to abide by these terms will result in cancellation of Guest’s reservation, immediate eviction without prior notice or refund, and/or damage charges to Guest’s credit card on file.

In consideration of the mutual promise contained herein, the Owner of the rental property, through his/her Agent, Chincoteague Resort Realty / “CRR” (DBA Chincoteague Resort Vacations), does hereby grant license to occupy such rental property under the following terms & conditions:

1. This agreement must be signed and returned to CRR within 24 hours of booking, or prior to check in (whichever occurs first), along with any payment due. If this signed rental agreement and/or payment(s) are not received by due date, your reservation is subject to cancellation without further notice. Guests must be of legal age to enter into this agreement. All monies collected may be placed into an interest-bearing account with all interest paid to CRR. Checks may be processed electronically. Returned checks (including e-Checks) shall incur a service charge of $40.00. Any checks that are voided and reissued at the Guest’s request (for any reason) will incur a stop payment fee of $40.00 per check. It is the Guest’s responsibility to make sure CRR has the most current contact information, including mailing address.

Cancellations > 60 days prior to check-in date: Guest will receive a 100% refund of all monies paid.

Cancellations 31 – 59 days prior to check-in date: At minimum, Guest will receive a refund of monies paid, less the initial deposit amount (50% of rental rate). In the event that CRR is able to re-rent the same property under the same terms and conditions, Guest shall receive a refund of all monies paid less a cancellation fee of 15% of the rental rate.

Cancellations < 30 days prior to arrival date: Guest is not entitled to any refund unless the property is re-rented under the same terms and conditions. In this instance, a refund will be made less a cancellation fee of 15% of the rental rate. Any add-ons (linens, pet fees) that were paid will be refunded entirely. Travel Insurance is non-refundable.

PLEASE NOTE: Switching properties and/or dates (even within the same property) constitutes a cancellation and falls under this policy. CRR highly recommends the purchase of travel insurance to protect your vacation investment.

3. Payment Schedule – A deposit (1/2 of rental rate) is due at the time of booking. The final payment is due 30 days prior to Guest’s arrival date. If the Guest’s arrival date occurs within 30 days (or less) of the booking date, payment in full via credit card or e-Check is required at time of booking. If payment(s) are not received by the due date as described above, the Guest’s reservation is subject to cancellation without prior notice. Personal checks are not accepted within 30 days of Guest’s arrival date.

4. Occupancy/Use – Guest shall not occupy the rental property at any time (day or night) with more guests than the maximum occupancy listed. This includes all children, regardless of age. In no event shall guest assign or sublet his/her rental agreement/rental property. Guest grants CRR, or authorized personnel/vendors, permission to enter premise at any time without prior notice for inspection/ maintenance/repair purposes. Guests shall not leave minor children unattended at rental property. Guest acknowledges and agrees that the rental property will not be used for any type of special or commercial event(s) such as parties (public or private), receptions, weddings, etc. Any violation of this rule will result in immediate eviction without refund, at minimum.

5. Pets – Under no circumstances are pets of any type allowed at “No Pet” rental properties. If, however, the rental property is “Pet Friendly” — and the required pet fee(s) are paid — then Guest’s pet(s) will be authorized to be on the premises. The Guest is responsible for cleaning the yard of all pet excrements; failure to do so will result in a $100 extra cleaning charged to Guest’s credit card on file. Pets are not permitted on the furniture – failure to abide by this will result in an extra cleaning charge of $100 charged to the Guest’s credit card on file. All pets must be housebroken, current on all vaccinations (including rabies) and flea/tick treatment, and must be crated if left alone at the rental property. “Pee pads” are not permitted, and the Guest may not contain a pet by closing them in a room/property. If Guest’s pet becomes a nuisance (barking, vicious, etc.) to neighbors, community or others, CRR reserves the right to evict the Guest without refund, unless alternate arrangements are made to immediately board the pet elsewhere. Guest agrees to pay a non-refundable pet fee per pet. Any damage, including flea/pest infestation, resulting from a pet shall be the responsibility of the Guest and will be charged to the Guest’s credit card on file.


6. Any undeclared pets found on premises, regardless of whether the property is “No Pets” or ” Pet Friendly”, shall result in immediate eviction of Guest without refund. Guest and their party assume all responsibility for their pet and their pet’s actions, to include property damage and/or harm/injury to others. Guest agrees to hold harmless both the Agent and Owner from any incident, including property damage, injury to pets or persons, etc., resulting from a Guest’s pet(s) at a rental property. The Agent and Owner alike shall not be held liable by the Guest for any accidents/injuries to Guest’s pet that occur at the rental property. Some properties have pet restrictions and do not allow certain size/types of pets. Guest agrees to obey all local pet ordinances. SPECIAL NOTE: Chincoteague Island has a leash law, and pets are not allowed on the Assateague Island Wildlife Refuge (the beach).

7. Refunds – No refunds will be issued to the Guest (with the exception of the cancellation policy described in #2). There will be no refunds, or other accommodations made, due to maintenance/housekeeping issues, inoperable systems, appliances or utilities. This includes, but is not limited to, pools, hot tubs, elevators, heating/cooling systems, internet access, TV service, etc. in rental properties. CRR will make every effort to have malfunctioning appliances/systems repaired in a timely manner, however, repairs cannot be guaranteed. No refunds will be given due to late arrival/early departure, personal guest issues or opinions (to include guest’s dissatisfaction with rental property at check in), inclement weather/storms to include hurricanes, power outages, water shortages, flooding, pandemics, bug/pest issues, town/beach closures, event cancellations, unforeseen circumstances, or any other acts of God.

8. Guest Damage/Missing Items – Each Guest reservation includes ‘Accidental Damage Coverage’ in the rent charge. Under this plan, any accidental damage caused by the Guest during their stay is covered up to $1,500. DAMAGE MUST BE REPORTED BY THE GUEST WHEN IT OCCURS. Accidental damage is defined by an accidental occurrence during the guest’s stay in which there was no intentional, willful or negligent action by the Guest or any member of their party. Damage that is not reported by the Guest, or caused by intent, carelessness, neglect, or similar circumstance, is not covered under this plan and such damages will be charged to Guest’s credit card on file. Accidental damage caused by Guest that exceeds $1,500 will be charged to Guest’s credit card on file. Other items that are not covered under this plan include extra cleaning charges, not following check out procedures, smoking, pest/flea infestations, excess trash charges, etc. Chincoteague Resort Vacations, in its sole and absolute discretion, has the final say and determination in what is determined to be covered under the Accidental Damage plan. This is not insurance coverage and in no way should be construed as an insurance plan. GUEST IS RESPONSIBLE FOR NOTIFYING CRR IMMEDIATELY UPON CHECK-IN IF ANY DAMAGE IS FOUND. Missing items found after Guest’s departure shall be charged to Guest’s credit card on file.

9. Guest Behavior – Agent reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to terminate a Guest Rental Agreement and evict Guest as the result of abuse to staff, the home, or others.

10. NO SMOKING is permitted. All of our rental properties are non-smoking; this includes cigarettes, electronic cigarettes and vaping, incense, etc. You may smoke outdoors, however, the property must be free of any cigarette butts (or other paraphernalia) and litter. Failure to adhere to this will result in immediate eviction and an extra clean up charge to the Guest’s credit card on file. Guest will be responsible for all charges incurred to clear the unit of any smoke odor, and said charges will be billed to the Guest’s credit card on file.

11. Phone/TV/Internet Service (where applicable) – Not all rental properties are equipped with a phone and/or TV service. Some rental properties only feature basic TV service with limited channels, and some properties use an internet-based streaming service such as Netflix/ Hulu. Guests are not permitted to make charges to phone, TV, or internet service accounts at the rental property. This includes (but not limited to) long distance/collect calls, cable add-ons/pay-per-view, etc. In the event Guest incurs extra charges that are later discovered, such charges (plus a $100 handling fee) will be due by the Guest and charged against the credit card on file. Guest may not call service providers to access the Owner’s account for any reason, including placing service calls or changing service plans.

12. Internet – If your property offers Internet service, it may or may not be wireless and may require an Ethernet cable (not provided) to connect. Internet service, at times, can be unreliable due to our rural location and, therefore, cannot be guaranteed. Furthermore, Internet connection speeds are often times much slower than that of other locations and cannot support the use of multiple electronic devices at one time. No refunds will be issued for interruption or speed of Internet service. Guests will be charged for Internet service calls that result from Guest’s error, incompatibility with Guest’s computer/equipment, or if Guest resets/changes Internet and/or modem settings. Guest assumes responsibility for all internet activity during their stay, including uploaded/downloaded files. The use of Internet service at the rental property for any activity that violates any local, state, federal or international law or regulation is prohibited. Such misuse is the sole responsibility of the Guest(s) named in this Agreement and Guest shall be held liable for such conduct, as well as any damages suffered by the Owner for misuse of their account.

13. Lead-based Paint Disclosure – Dwellings/rental properties built prior to 1978 may present exposure to lead from lead-based   paint. This may place children at risk of developing lead poisoning. Agent and Owner alike have no knowledge of lead-based paint in any rental properties and, by signing this Guest Rental Agreement, Guest(s) waive the opportunity to conduct a risk assessment or inspection. More information on lead-based paint is available upon Guest’s request.

14. Linens and Towels – Guests should bring their own bed linens and towels, unless linen/towel rental service has been prearranged with CRR. CRR can make available linens and towels at an additional fee. The linen/towel rental service does not include blankets or pillows – these items will be provided on each bed. Rented linens/towels will be delivered to Guest’s rental property on their check-in day. Linens that are lost, damaged, or not returned in a complete set by guest shall be subject to a charge of $50.00 per sheet set and $30.00 per towel set and such charge will be billed to their credit card on file.

15. Check-In – Check in time begins at 4:00 pm. No exceptions. Most of the rental homes feature keyless entry. Your door code will be emailed to you just prior to your arrival, and it is also available in the Hospitality smartphone app. Please keep in mind that your door code will not activate until check in time on your check in day, and  will  also  deactivate automatically at check-out  time on your departure day. For those homes without keyless entry, upon Guest’s arrival on Chincoteague Island, Guest must come to the CRR office on Maddox Boulevard to pick up their keys and check in packet. Guest is not permitted at the rental property for any reason until CRR has authorized check in. Loitering and/or dropping off personal belongings at any rental property prior to CRR authorizing check-in is prohibited and considered trespassing, and will result in an early arrival fee of $200 billed to the credit card on file.

16. Check-out -Check out time is 10:00 am. No exceptions. Unauthorized late check outs will result in a late check out fee of $200 billed to the Guest’s credit card on file. Guests may not return to their rental property after checking out. If the Guest does not vacate the rental unit by 10:30 am, this is considered trespassing and CRR reserves the right to take any necessary action for immediate eviction, to include removing all of Guest’s personal belongings from the property. CRR shall not be responsible for any of Guest’s personal items removed from the rental property.
CHECK OUT PROCEDURE: Guest shall remove all food and trash from inside rental property, strip rental linens (NOT mattress pads) from the beds, wash/put away all dishes, and remove any litter or pet excrements (pet friendly properties) from the yard. Failure to follow said check out procedure will result in an extra housekeeping charge billed to the credit card on file. Please do not move/ rearrange furniture. Failure to abide by this will result in a service charge of $200 billed to guest’s credit card on file.

17. Property Unavailability/Substitution – In the event that a rental property becomes unavailable or uninhabitable due to a natural disaster, pest infestation, defect in the property, or any other reason, the Agent reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to substitute another similar rental property for Guest’s reservation. In the event CRR is not able to substitute another rental property, the Guest’s reservation shall be cancelled. Guest expressly agrees that in no event shall Owner or CRR be held liable for any special or consequential damages which result from said property unavailability/substitution. In the instance of substitution, the terms of this Guest Rental Agreement remain in full force and effect, and Guest shall still be bound by the same terms and conditions of this agreement in the substituted rental property.

18. Parking- Parking may be limited. If you think this may be an issue, please ask. Any guest that brings more than the allotted number of vehicles, boats, trailers, etc., (knowingly or unknowingly) may be subject to immediate eviction. Please note that the rental properties have private septic systems and parking in undesignated areas may cause serious and costly damage. Parking in undesignated areas is not permitted and may result in immediate eviction and/or charge against the credit card on file. Some communities do not allow boat and/or trailer parking.

19. Piers/Docks/Addt’l Amenities – If your rental unit has a dock/pier, kayaks, canoes, bicycles, etc., the following rule applies to the Guest and all members of Guest’s rental party: GUESTS AGREE TO USE DOCK/PIER AND ALL AMENITIES AT THEIR OWN RISK. The Guest named on this agreement is responsible for notifying all members of their party of this rule. By signing this agreement, the Guest and all members of their party agree to hold harmless both the Owner and Agent alike of any liability resulting from the injury or death resulting from use of any water frontage, pier, dock, or amenities at or near the rental property. Swimming from the docks/piers is not recommended due to water depth and swift moving currents. If Guest chooses to swim in the channels and/or bays, please note that it is always ‘SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK’ and no lifeguards are on duty. Furthermore, boat dockage, and/or dock/pier space may be limited or shared, and cannot be guaranteed. Some water areas can be very shallow; depth, navigability of waters, and/or boat dockage cannot be guaranteed.

20. Tents, Campers, Trailers, Fireworks, Noise Ordinance- Campers, motor homes, recreational vehicles, tents, portable pools, or anything of the sort, are not permitted at the rental properties at any time. Fireworks and/or bonfires are not permitted at any rental properties at any time. Many of these items are violations of Town ordinances, and Guest is responsible for abiding by the Town of Chincoteague’s laws and ordinances, including the noise ordinance, at all times. Failure to do so will result in immediate eviction without refund.

21. Pools – If the rental property provides access to a pool for Guest’s use, the following rules apply to the Guest and all members of Guest’s rental party: GUESTS, AND ALL MEMBERS OF GUEST’S PARTY, AGREE TO USE POOL AT THEIR OWN RISK. The Guest named in this agreement must notify all members in his/her rental party of this condition. No lifeguards are on duty. Only guests occupying the specific rental property may use the pool. If anyone other than guests staying in the rental property are found using the pool, CRR reserves the right to immediately evict Guest without further notice and no refunds will be made. Some pools are located within a community or development and must be shared. Guest agrees to abide by any pool rules and be respectful of others sharing the pool. Furthermore, CRR cannot guarantee the usability of pools, and no refunds/accommodations will be made due to pool problems and/or closures of said pool. The Guest, and all members of Guest’s party, agree to hold the Agent and Owner alike harmless from any liability resulting from injury or death from the use of a pool(s).

22. Owner’s Closets/Private Areas – Some rental units have closets/rooms/areas that are private and secured by a lock. These areas are not accessible by the Guest, and will not affect the Guest’s use of the rental property. Guest shall not break into, enter (or try to enter), any locked room, closet, or area of the rental property. This rule also applies to any personal items the Owner has locked or secured, including (but not limited to) bicycles, kayaks, canoes, boats, etc. Failure to abide by this rule will result in a charge of $200 (plus cost of any missing items) billed to the credit card on file.

23. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK – Some rental properties offer extra amenities for the guest’s enjoyment during their stay. Such items may include (but not limited to) bicycles, kayaks, canoes, golf cart, beach chairs, umbrellas, crab pots, baby gates, cribs (portable or stationary), high chairs, charcoal/propane/electric grill, swings, playground equipment, etc. The Agent and Owner alike make no guarantee as to the condition  or safety of these items/amenities, or any other amenities that may be provided at the rental property. Furthermore, all extras/items/amenities are USE AT YOUR OWN RISK and Owner and Agent accept no responsibility or liability for accident, injury, loss or death resulting from use of such items and/or amenities.

24. Service Calls – If there is an inoperable system/appliance/utility/etc. at your rental property, the Guest must call our office immediately to report it. Every effort will be made to repair the issue (if deemed necessary) in a timely manner. The Guest is not permitted to place service calls with vendors or any other 3rd party. Should this occur, Guest will be solely responsible for any and all charges incurred, as well as any situation/ damages that may arise from the unauthorized repair/service call. If a service call is requested by Guest and it is determined by CRR or the vendor that the service call/repair is not needed, or was caused by operator/Guest error, Guest shall be responsible for any charges incurred. CRR provides Guests with an after-hours emergency phone number (located on front office door and in Guest’s check-in packet). This number must be reserved for urgent situations ONLY, such as a water leak or lock out. Any calls to CRR’s after hours number for non-emergency circumstances will be charged to the Guest accordingly, with a minimum charge of $50 per call. Please be mindful of the rental keys; after hours lock-outs are subject to a $50 charge per occurrence.

25. Security Systems/Video Surveillance – Some rental properties have security/alarm systems and/or exterior video surveillance systems. Entrance alarms will be disarmed during Guest’s rental period.

26. Travel Insurance – Seaside Coastal Travel Insurance has been made available with your reservation. Seaside Coastal Travel Insurance provides coverage for the loss of prepaid, non-refundable expenses due to certain unforeseeable circumstances that may jeopardize your vacation investment and force you to incur unplanned expenses. Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption coverage is available for events such   as interruptions of road service; a sickness or injury of yourself, family member or traveling companion; flight delays due to adverse weather; terrorist acts; and mandatory evacuations. Trip Inconvenience coverage is available if the beach is closed during your trip due to contaminated waters. The plan also includes other valuable in-trip coverages such as Medical and Dental, Sporting Equipment, Baggage, and Emergency Assistance and Transportation in addition to useful services such as identity theft, concierge and 24/7/365 emergency assistance. We strongly recommend you purchase this valuable protection. Additional terms and conditions apply; please read your Description of Coverage/Policy carefully and contact Generali atwith coverage questions. CRR receives a commission from policies purchased.

27. Photos submitted by guests or of Guests become the property of Chincoteague Resort Vacations and may be used and/or reproduced in electronic and print medium at any time and at Agent’s discretion.

28. Disclaimer – Chincoteague Resort Realty has made every effort to provide accurate information to Guests concerning rental properties and amenities offered through voice, print, and electronic medium. Guests shall take all responsibility for rental property selection, and selection is final upon receipt of Guest’s signed agreement and/or payment. Information provided by CRR directly, or by different advertising methods (including 3rd party channel partners), is deemed accurate, however, cannot be guaranteed. (Cont’d on next page…)

29. CRR will assume no responsibility for information printed or advertised on 3rd party websites such as FlipKey, Trip Advisor, VRBO, etc. Rental property amenities are subject to change without prior or further notice to guest. Each rental property is furnished and stocked according to the Owner’s taste and preferences, and rental property is not subject to Guest’s approval at check in. CRR (Agent) and the Owner alike will assume no responsibility or liability for accident, loss, injury, sickness, or death that occurs at any of the rental properties. Guest agrees to indemnify (hold harmless) Owner and Agent from any liability or litigation resulting from any event, including injury/sickness/death by any cause, affecting Guest or members of Guest’s party.

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