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5 Books Worth Reading This Summer | Best Deal Of The Day Offers

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It’s not big secret that books are one of the best ways to enrich your mind and to get to know the world around you a bit better than you used to. There are multiple genres available that make it easy for you to read the items and topics that you feel personally interested in. You can get a lot of them in the best deal of the day offers.

Summers are a great time to delve into these books. Here are some classic and worthwhile books that you should definitely read this summer:


This is a classic by George Orwell. It is a book that holds a lot of relevance even today. It was first published in 1949 when the World War II had just ended. Orwell presented a grim image of what may happen if governments were allowed to wield excessive control of one’s mind and the dangers of letting authoritarians come into power. Since then it has become one of the 20th century’s most popular and widely read books.

The Hobbit

For years people ignored this gem of a book by JRR Tolkien. However, that changed when the book   brought to public attention after its movie adaptations. Few people know the fact that the Hobbit is the prequel to the much loved and critically acclaimed Lord of the Rings series. It was published years before LoTR was even thought of by Tolkien. It is a classic children’s book that your child must read.

Don Quixote

It’s a sad but realistic tale of an idealistic hero. There are various themes that are discussed throughout the book that encourages people to think about life in a different perspective than they’ve done so throughout their life.

Moby Dick

This is a story of courage, of will, and of the utmost perseverance. It tells the story of a regular man who met his greatest challenge at sea and had to muster up courage in order to come out on top.

War & Peace

This is perhaps the greatest piece of literature from Russia. Written by the legendary Leo Tolstoy, it is disheartening tale of how war and peace affect lives of multiple individuals in different ways.

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