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There's a saying that anyone can make a website. Technically speaking, sure, that's true. Which is why you've probably visited a site that's slow-loading, confusing, and frustrating. Yeah, we don't make that kind. At Jet A Studio, we design and develop gorgeous websites. More importantly, we help our clients smartly bring their business to the web. In 2007, we founded Jet A Studio with the simple purpose of helping companies and organizations create enjoyable web experiences for their visitors. To that end, we've made two important decisions: stay small, and build practically. Being small allows us to focus on you and your project. When you work with us, you will be talking to someone who will play an active role in building your website. It's a working relationship that promotes clarity from conception to launch. And though our accountant will disapprove, we will not try to upsell you on services that aren't essential to meeting your primary goals. We value your business and respect your budget. It's a principle with a very practical benefit a website free of unneeded cruft, crafted explicitly for your audience. And that makes for a pretty enjoyable experience. Drew McChesney is the Founder and Creative Director of Jet A Studio. After receiving a degree in Studio Art and Computer Science from Indiana University, Drew has been designing and developing websites for six years. His responsibility is to ensure the quality of every website we build. When you work with us, this is who you will talk to from the start. Outside of the web, Drew tends to the growing nursery in the studio, is an art enthusiast, and an amateur barista. Aaron Fautz is the Senior Developer and Partner at Jet A Studio. A born programmer ( no kidding, he got an early start on his first computer, a Commodore 64 ), Aaron has been a web developer for a decade. While he can wrangle just about any programming language, he excels with PHP and Python. Aaron is responsible for the functionality behind our powerful websites and applications. When not knee-deep in a project, Aaron tinkers with genetic algorithms and is a connoisseur of craft beers. We want to hear from you! Whether you have a clear idea of what you need, or if you're exploring how take your business to the web, we're ready to help. .



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