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Let’s Make Music,

Let’s Make Music,

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Let's Make Music is inviting everyone to pick up a new instrument and play! We are a non-profit group of musicians providing affordable lessons for prospective musicians age 5 and up! Let's Make Music focuses on guiding students into musical curiosity, and growing proficiency. Several of the students now play 4 or 5 instruments and continue to serve as student teachers.We are a non-profit 501c3 school of music, and we appreciate donations of any musical instrument, and gently used lesson books. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us at any time. Music Instruments, Workshops, Group Music Instruction, Piano Lessons, Voice Coaching, Music Instruction, Classical Music Lessons, Instrument Trade-Ins, Instrument Tuning, Music Teacher, Instrument Sales, Instrument Appraisals, Piano Teachers, First Lesson Free, Instrumental Music Lessons, Music Camps, Country Music Lessons, Pianists, Piano Technique, Musical Instrument Repair, Group Music Lessons, Children's Music Lessons, Instrument Rentals, Bass Guitar Instruction, Artist Development, Production, Private Music Lessons, Music Lessons, Keyboard Lessons, Recording Services, Woodwind Instruments, Banjos, Bagpipes, Pianos, Clarinets, Violas, Bongo Drums, Brass Instruments, Musical Instrument Cases, Flutes, Used Musical Instruments, Band Instruments, Violins, French Horns, Guitars, Vintage Musical Instruments, Saxophones, Harpsichords, Drums, Sheet Music, Bass Instruments, Trombones, Trumpet, Percussion Instruments, Lutes, Harps, Cellos, Bassoons, Recorders, Dulcimers, Music Supplies, Basses, Organs, Acoustic Instruments, Tubas, Xylophones, Wind Instruments, Majorette Supplies, Harmonicas, Accordions, Amplifiers, Stringed Instruments, Electronic Instruments, Oboes, Keyboard Instruments.



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