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they bring to us only those candidates that are a good long-term fit. They truly are a strategic partner of Nestle Waters USA. I have been working with Lindsey & Company for more than twelve years. They are not 'just another' search firmLindsey & Company, Inc is a retained, generalist executive search firm assisting leading companies in North America with the identification, assessment, and selection of outstanding executive talent. Lindsey & Company was founded in 1985. Our corporate headquarters is in Darien, CT with offices in New New York NY, Richmond VA, Savannah, GA and West Palm Beach, FL. Our clients range in size from Fortune 500 companies to small, entrepreneurial companies, and they are representative of many diverse industries. As a generalist ( both by industry and function ) search firm, which has conducted searches in many different disciplines, Lindsey & Company is capable of servicing all our client's needs. The partners Lindsey & Company have all held senior management positions with Fortune 500 companies, so we understand the dynamics of today's fast-paced, competitive business environment. We have sat on your side of the desk while hiring hundreds of executives ourselves, so we know the priority that you place on finding qualified candidates with speed and precision. Similarly, we have known the frustration of dealing with executive search firms that over-promise and under-deliver. One of our partners actively leads the search on each assignment we undertake and is integrally involved in the entire process. The partner who develops business with a client manages the search for that client. Importantly, each of our partners has equity in the firm and, consequently, an investment in Lindsey & Company's success. Lindsey & Company, we believe that the single most important factor contributing to success in the marketplace is the caliber of the executives that a company employs. Sufficient resources, organizational effectiveness, sound strategy, et al are very important. Nothing, however, exceeds outstanding executive talent as a predictor of and a contributor to a company's growth and profitability. Because outstanding executive talent is the single most important success factor for a company, the process of attracting and engaging that talent is most critical. Executive Search is a key component in that process. Companies must ensure that the search consultants they hire both understand their organization and the specifics of the position to be filled and adhere to a methodology that is thorough, professional, and confidential. The most significant factor in a successful executive search is the quality of the person doing the search. Most savvy clients hire a firm because of the professionalism of the individuals not because of the size of a firm nor because of a reputation perhaps built on self-promotion. Lindsey & Company partners understand that we are only as valuable to our clients as the success of our last search. We cannot live on reputation. We must earn the trust and confidence of our clients with every search we conduct. Ultimately, what you are paying us for is not just a list of candidates' names but our experience, our judgment, and our counsel. We subscribe to two premises, which influence every search undertaken by Lindsey & Company: Finding the right executive is dependent upon defining the company objectives that need to be achieved as well as defining the specific qualifications of the position to be filled. An executive's success or failure in a new environment is often determined by an individual's understanding of a company's culture, its history, personalities, values, and rules. It is because of these realities that we consider it extremely important to invest time 'up front' with our clients to develop a serious understanding of the client's organization, objectives, culture, and environment. When a position description is developed and the attributes of the ideal candidate are artic .



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